3RY Project Summary

A solo expedition to traverse the length of NEW ZEALAND (self propelled) with the aim of raising funds and awareness for the 3RY Causes. 

The plan is to complete the trip in a continuous path – North bound, up the length of the country. Bluff to Cape Reinga. 

It’s gonna be fun, hard work, challenging, adventurous, strenuous, logistically tough and hopefully overall, an epically rewarding journey for myself and the causes 3RY is supporting. 



3 Reasons Why (3RY): A Summary


 A solo expedition to traverse the length of NZ. 

3000+ km, straight up the guts, backcountry, self propelled, via Te Araroa Trail.

With the goal of raising funds (and, in my opinion, just as importantly) awareness for the three following causes:

  1. Spinal cord injuries and accessibility
  2. Prostate cancer
  3. Mental health (Depression and Anxiety)



  • Local Dunedin Boy.
  • Couldn’t get enough of the student life, so completed two science degrees @ Otago Uni.
  • One in Zoology and the other in Geology and GIS. 
  • Work as an Exploration Geologist and more recently as an Engineering Geologist.

Why I made the decision to undertake the ‘3 Reasons Why’ Project and Expedition: 

 The causes 3RY will be supporting have all massively impacted the lives of people close to me. Friends and family.

 Spinal cord injuries and accessibility:

  • My Father was in a cycling accident in Dunedin ~6 yrs ago which left him paralysed (T4 paraplegic). I have seen so many others in similar situations.

Prostate Cancer:

  • My Father was also recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer which has been complicated more by his existing injuries.

Mental Health (Depression and Anxiety):

  • So many people I know really struggle with their mental heath, depression and anxiety. It has such an immense & destructive impact on them and those around them.

 I wanted to take back a little bit of the control from these things and how they have impacted our lives.

 In short, I wanted to turn some of the negative vibes into positives & ‘3 Reasons Why’ seemed like a perfect channel for this.

 From a slightly more selfish perspective it was the challenge and adventure of undertaking such a mammoth journey that excited me.

 Some Journey Logistics and Challenges: 

  • 3000+ km
  • 45+ km a day 
  • Bluff to Cape Reinga
  • River Crossings
  • Pack Rafting/Kayaking
  • Crossing mountain ranges
  • Drop boxes
  • Resupply locations
  • Equipment and “gram counting”
  • Fitness and training
  • Actually setting up the 3RY project has been a challenge in itself…Website Design, Branding, Facebook Pages, Blogs, Give-A-Little pages and various other social media channels.

By far and away the biggest challenge for me so far, is putting myself out there on social media channels. This is tenfold scarier for me than the expedition itself. 


I have had such an epic response from people that I have come in contact with since launching 3RY: 

  • Words of encouragement from friends and family. Most of these come in the form of wise-cracks, which I wouldn’t have any other way! But also, always, from a place of love, friendship and support.
  • Advice and guidance from New Zealand businesses. 
  • Sponsorship in the form of discounts and products from various NZ businesses.

 Shameless plugs and thank you’s to:

  • This Warriors Life 
  • No Ugly Health Drinks
  • Kaiser Baas Action Cameras
  • Intents Outdoors
  • Smaak Power Banks
  • Aarn Design Packs
  • Backcountry Cuisine
  • Earth Sea Sky

If you are interested in following the journey and/or supporting the causes you can find us at: 

3RY Links:

 The charities that will receive all donations are: 

  1. New Zealand Spinal Trust
  2. Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ
  3. Mental Health Foundation of NZ

 Please feel free to donate to the cause/causes of your choice. 

 If you can’t afford to make a monetary donation, word of mouth and discussions about these causes are just as important and just as much appreciated!

 Links to the donation pages can be found on the 3RY website: