Going Bush!

Righto…I’m going bush

Thought I’d kick off 2019 with something a lil’ different.

Not ‘same same but different’ – just different.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit some next-level countries and experience some crazy-cool cultures in my travels. But something I’ve wanted to do, for as long as I can remember, is experience New Zealand.

I’ve decided to walk the length of the Long White Cloud…right up the guts. Bluff to Cape Reinga.

Backcountry, off-road and self-propelled.

The responses I’ve had so far to this cockamamie plan are:

– Fu*k you’re a weirdo bro.
– Holy shit man! I’m coming.
– You’ll miss the EMINEM gig.
– That…is…siiiiiiic!
– What if we die while you’re doing it?
– Mid-life crisis mate?
– Big balls big dawg.
– You better finish man.
– I admire that Mike.
– Ahhh you’ll miss Feastock?
– How can you walk the Cook Straight? Ya can’t, so you’re clearly not walking the length of NZ are ya?
– You’ll get tired legs.
– Can we come?!
– What about work?
– Forrest…Forrest Gump.
– Matt Daaaaamon!
– How come though?
– What will you eat, fern fronds?
– Take my children.
– You should do it on rollerblades.
– You should walk it backwards for a challenge.
– Good on ya bro, that’ll be an adventure.


I was ‘forced’ to come up with some causes greater than my just wanting an adventure and a new challenge.

In the interest of keeping the balance of fun and productivity, I’ve created a wee side project called 3 Reasons Why (3RY).

Raising funds (and, in my opinion, just as importantly) awareness, for the three following causes:

1. Spinal Cord Injuries and Accessibility
2. Prostate Cancer
3. Mental Health (Depression and Anxiety)

These causes have directly and indirectly touched the lives of many of my friends and family.

More information and links to the charities ‘3RY’ will be supporting can be found on the ‘3RY’ website in the “Go On – Give Us a Hand” tab.

I will also follow this post up with some direct links, if anyone is keen to have a gander.

As you all well know, my social media game is Rubbish.

So I’ll do my best to keep the chat up throughout the journey via the three following channels:

1. www.3RYnz.com

2. Instagram

3. Facebook

I currently have NO idea what I’ll be writing about but there have so far been questions asked about trail gear, progress updates, preparation, training, the 3RY causes and the charities themselves.

One of the unexpected and welcome results of my chats with peeps thus far, has been hearing about their own personal experiences with the causes 3RY is supporting.

For those of you that have shared those stories…thank you.

Aaaanyways, long story short.

I may, over the next 4-5 months, bombard you with links, posts and general chat from the trip and the ‘3 Reasons Why’ project.

Please feel free to follow if you’re interested or unfollow if it’s not your cup of tea!

Happy New Years Fam 👊🏼.

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