3RY – Part 2 – Day 10

3RY Update Part:



1st February ‘19




Lost in the Takatimus

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Aparima Hut

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Lower Princhester Hut

Actual KM today:



Absolutely pouring down this AM then sun came out.


Was heavy rain this morn so decided to take a zero day. Rugged up and slept-in, but awoke to beautifully sunny conditions. As a result, decided a late start would be a goer to get to Lower Princhester Hut and therefore a shorter walk tomorrow.

Had been on the trail for around 2hrs and had a sensation that I was heading in the wrong direction. Thankfully I checked the maps. I was 2.5 km up the wrong gully. I couldn’t bring myself to back-track to the place I went wrong, so bush bashed my way through to meet back up with the trail.

Was relatively hard going today with head height tussock and swamp conditions that would catch me off guard. I’d be walking along and then suddenly find myself in thigh deep mud holes. The terrain alternated between this and steep ridges and beech forest gullies.

Little birds followed me through the bush again today. Like fan tails, very small tail, really agile, hanging upside down and all over the show. (See previous post re: Tomtits and Rifleman)

I realised today, it’s not the walking that exhausts you. It’s the unpredictable conditions, roots, mud, thick bush, tussocks, rivers, boulders, vines, steep slippery banks (up and down), fallen trees, uneven ground, viscously sharp plants and any other obstacles Mother Nature throws in your path.

I got lost a number of times today. The location markers and maps did not want to play ball.

It was supposed to take 6 hrs. Took me 8.5. Very glad to make the lower Prichester hut.

The kiwi bush took its first gear causality of my journey. My sunnies are forever lost to the Takatimus. Well I ain’t going back for ‘em.


Exhausted again, feet not improving.


Positive – Closer to Te Anau – Closer to new boots – closer to beer and closer to a whisky night cap.

Tune of the Day:

Everybody Walking’ This Land – Paul Cauthen

Day 10 Images:

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