3RY – Part 2 – Day 8

3RY Update Part:



30th January ‘19




Pain City, Population – Me.

28 Foot-F**ked Drive.

C/- Justin Timberlake @ Cry Me a River

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Birchwood Station

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Telford Burn

Actual KM today:



Sunny with high winds


Day started following the Orauea Stream through farm land to Mount Linton Station, where it then begins following the Wairaki Stream and 4wd tracks up and down the ridges and gullies. Most of the day continued like this, over farmland alongside some native bush in patches.

Spotted a few skinks along the way and again, Galaxids in the streams (remembered today I may have forgotten to mention the koura I saw along the Ports Water Race before and in Longwood Forest).

Ended up on the wrong side of the ravine so had to back track as the sides were vertical. Too steep to clamber down and the campsite was on the opposite side.

Arrived to camp as it was getting dark. Made an embarrassing attempt at getting the tent up in the wind, sorted it eventually. Definitely didn’t trust it (or more my tent pitching abilities), but it lasted the night and the high winds, so that’s a win.

Mosquitos are insane at this site. Proper trail bullies that harassed me ‘till they broke me. Couldn’t open the tent door, even for a moment, or they’d swarm.

The outside of my tent was black with them in the morn. Packed up inside the tent as if it was raining as they were so prolific.


Not ideal at the mo, every step is painful now. Only able to walk near on crawling pace. The pain shoots through my legs and body. Hard to enjoy the day when the body is playing up. Think there’s a little more going on than just blisters as there’s some discolouration and swelling in lower legs too.


I am in a positive frame of mind and still loving being here. I’m sure I’ll sort the foot issues out, but the possibility them being an issue going forward does play on my mind throughout the day.

Tune of the Day:

War Pigs – Black Sabbath.

Day 8 Images:

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