3RY – Part 4 – Day 25

3RY Update Part:



16th February ‘19




River Surfing

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:


KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Lake Hawea

Actual KM today:



Sunny & Hot


Awesome day walking the shores of Lake Wanaka, then the Clutha River outlet track, onto the Hawea River Trail .

The Clutha (Mata Au) River is NZ’s 2nd longest and largest by volume. The waters are coloured by glacial and snow melt and filtered by lake Wanaka. It is one of the country’s purest rivers and one of the worlds swiftest flowing.

The Challenge Wanaka Multisport event was on the same course as I was walking, so I cheered them on as they flew by.

One of the more interesting scenes I observed today was a lady heckling the athletes as they ran by “Still a long way to go! Watch out! Pretty hot today!”.

I enjoyed & made the most of the the water and refreshment stations along the way of course. Cheers Challenge Wanaka.

Met two men from Colorado doing the South Island Trail. Both in their 70’s and absolute LADS. They were burning (taking the p*ss out of) each other, laughing, joking, chatting about the ladies and pulling out fist bumps left, right and centre. I felt like turning around and walking back with them…Classic.

If I’m even close to that energetic when I’m 70, I’ll be a happy man.

Crossed the bridge at Albert town and began toward Hawea River and the Hawea whitewater park.

That place is insane. Can’t wait to go back with a board.

Sat there for what seemed like forever watching the locals surf the freestanding waves.

Stayed my first night at a trail Angels.

Jill and Mike…Thank-you for having me! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for those mountain snow berries and giant pizza mushrooms.


Yes Gooooood


Pensive. Not sure what to expect for the next section. I imagine there’ll be some pretty steep ridges to climb.

Tune of the Day:

Compton – Guerilla Black

Day 25 Images:

2 thoughts on “3RY – Part 4 – Day 25

  1. Mike the colour in those photos is stunning … we live in a beautiful place. BTW I’m keen to go to the water park with you too, so we’ll book that in to celebrate you finishing Te Araroa!
    A huge thank you to Mike and Jill – I’ve always known there were angels in this place … thanks for helping me convince Michael I am right! Appreciate the generosity of people who open their doors to others, kind of feels like that’s the way the whole world needs to be…


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