3RY – Part 8 – Day 66

3RY Update Part:



29th March ‘19




Walking on Mars

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Red Hills Hut

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Hunters Hut via Porters Creek Hut

Actual KM today:



Sunny a few clouds


Interesting terrain today. People say this section is like walking on what you’d imagine the surface of Planet Mars would look like. After seeing it first hand today, I’d agree with them. The geology in the area is known as the ‘Nelson Mineral Belt’ and is visible due to mantle rocks being exposed at the earths surface (they are normally found below the earths crust). These rocks were formed around 290-256 million years ago (Permian age). They are very dense and are often referred to as ‘Ultramafics’ due to their mineral make-up. The weathering of these minerals is what turns the rocks red. Some species of plants are only found growing on these types rocks and no where else.

The hut I stay in tonight (Hunters Hut) was built in memory of two DOC workers that lost their lives on 23rd Jan 1995 – Russel Griebel and Bob Waldie. A flash flood of water and gravel swept the hut they were staying in (Bush Edge) away.

Bob Waldie’s body was found two days later but sadly Russel Griebel’s body and that of his beloved dog Freckles were never located.


Stomach still iffy but a lot better


Daunted by the days ahead but I’m sure they’ll be good as.

Tune of the Day:

66. Depreston – Courtney Barnett

& This Warriors Life Podcast – Ep 1.

Day 66 Images:

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