3RY – Part 8 – Day 68

3RY Update Part:



31st March ‘19




Goats for Africa

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Mid Wairoa Hut

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Mt. Rintoul Hut

Actual KM today:



Sunny, then cloudy, then rain


Awesome day, tough day. Within 10mins of leaving the hut this morn it was straight up a steep ridge. The trail continued with the abrupt ups and downs until I reached Tarn Hut. A primo wee hut with some wild goats just chilling around outside and a great tarn for swimming.

Enjoyed lunch with the goats and then it was straight back into the climb, to a peak named Purple Top. Some insane views looking down over Nelson bays and back over the Richmond Ranges.

Walked into a herd of around 30 goats doing their thing at the very peak of Purple Top.

Made it to the hut just before the heavy rain hit. Looks like I will need to hunker down here in the hut for a day or so, as Mt Rintoul (my plan of attack for tomorrow) has some passes I don’t want to be doing in the rain or high winds which are forecast.


Pretty good all things considered


Yeah positive, would like to have gone through tomorrow but the weather can’t be helped so happy to stay put.

Tune of the Day:

68. Zebra – John Butler Trio

Day 68 Images:

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