3RY – Part 8 – Day 77

3RY Update Part:



9th April ‘19




Childhood Memories

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Davies Bay Queen Charlotte Track

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Portage Bay

Actual KM Today:



Thick Sea Mist this morn, then Sunny


All day walking the ridge line overlooking the incredible bays that all look so inviting. I could happily set up permanent camp in each of them. Was going to go to Black Rock Campsite but was intercepted by a group of enthusiastic cyclists that were really interested in the project and ‘insisted’ (with offers of chips and beer) I go back to Portage Bay with them. They were such a generous, fun and welcoming group. Also, wouldn’t allow me to pay for dinner or a drink all night. Again, really touched by the kiwi hospitality and willingness to help out when they hear the reasons behind the 3RY project. Thanks guys…I hope the remainder of your trip was as much fun as that night! Spent some time in these areas as a kid…the memories come flooding back.


Great tonight, tomorrow may be a different story


Really enjoying the QCT

Tune of the Day:

77. What would you do – City High

Day 77 Images:

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