3RY – Part 9 – Day 102

3RY Update Part:



4th May ‘19




Richards Knob

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Te Matawai

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Poads Road intersection with trail – Then Levin.

Actual KM Today:



Sunny with a few clouds


Left the Te Matawai Hut at dawn. I have noticed the huts in the North Island (so far) have nothing on the huts in the South Island which in general are all pretty amazing. The trail was again mostly ridge sections of muddy track through bush and tussock. Saw a black morph fantail which is even less common up here than it is down south. The night before I’d found a drone in the hut and suspected the owner would be coming back for it as it was an expensive piece of kit. Sure enough, I met him half way down the trail & he was super stoked to get his drone back and not to have to hike all the way back to the hut.

The highest point of today’s trail was Richards Knob. From here it was mostly down hill (still in mud) to exit the trail onto grazed farm land along Poads Road.


Legs pretty tired with a few niggles but nothing to worry about.


Thinking about challenge #2…

Tune of the Day:

102. Zombie – Bad Wolves

Day 102 Images:

Telly 🙌🏼

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