3RY – Part 11 – Day 116

3RY Update Part:



18th May ‘19




Bridge to Nowhere

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

John Coull Hut

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Tieke Kainga Marae

Actual KM Today:





Wicked day on the river. Visited a couple of historic sites. One was a very narrow canal offshoot from the main river. At this site, Maori warriors were lured up the narrow canal with wakas full of local Maori women. When the attacking warriors realised they couldn’t turn around and retreat it was too late. Rocks and logs would be rolled into the canal crushing them and their boat. A lot of blood shed in these waters.

The second historical site was the bridge to nowhere. Constructed in the mid 1930’s, to allow better roading access to the region. The land surrounding it had been given to returning war vets to convert to farm land. The serious erosion, flooding and poor access resulted in all but 3 of the farmers walking away from the land. The 3 remaining followed suit when the government ceased maintenance on the access roads. As a result the bridge was never used for its original purpose. It actually gets more use now as a tourist attraction than it ever did.


Enjoying the break from using my legs.


Tomorrow is the 50/50 rapid. Where half make it with out falling out and the other half don’t.

Tune of the Day:

116. Hurricane – Bob Dylan

Day 116 Images:

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