3RY – Part 13 – Day 143

3RY Update Part:



14th June ‘19




Blue Shrooms & Pirongia Mud Fest

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Bush camp in Omarama NI.

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Pahautea Hut

Actual KM Today:



Overcast with some sunny patches


Packed up the cosy tent spot and set off for what has the reputation as being the muddiest section of the journey (today and tomorrow). Not sure if it was the muddiest I’ve experienced so far, but yup, it sure was muddy. It’s a steep battle up muddy slopes until you hit Hihikiwi Peak. Then for reasons unknown to me, the track turns into a leisurely board walk for the last KM 😆. The struggle up the hill was well worth it, when I got to the hut and had insane views all the way back to the now, snow capped Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe Mountains. It’s a strange feeling looking back at the way I’ve walked and seeing how far away it appears. Pahautea Hut is a really nice one; beautiful views, tent sites, camp shelter, cleaning station. Apparently often overflowing with bodies in the summer months…not a soul here today.


Have a feeling it’ll be sore tomorrow!


I can sense Auckland looming.

Tune of the Day:

143. Society – Eddie Vedder

Day 143 Images:

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