3RY – Part 14 – Day 156, 157 & 158

3RY Update Part:



27th, 28th, 29th June ‘19


156, 157 & 158


The Big Smoke 1, TBS 2, TBS 3

KM Mark Start:

156. 649

157. 627

158. 595

Start Location:

156. Ramarama

157. Auckland Botanical Gardens (Manurewa)

158. Onehunga Aucks

KM Mark Finish:

156. 627

157. 595

158. 581

Finish Location:

156. Botanical Gardens Manurewa

157. Onehunga Aucks

158. Auckland Harbour

Actual KM Today:

156. 24

157. 28

158. 15


156. Sunny

157. Sunny

158. Sunny


156. Left Ramarama back roads through Papakura. Locals here very keen to chat about what I’m up to and tried to pay for my lunch. Made it to Auckland Botanical Gardens in Manurewa. The weirdest scene unfolded when a couple had decided to have their divorce settlement meeting in the café. After 17 years of marriage, she wanted 600k, he wouldn’t budge so they settled on 550k. When they left everybody in the café burst into discussion about who should’ve done what re: the negotiations. So weird, I thought it was a hidden camera show. The image below is a novel idea someone has had for a man hole cover…map of the area.

157. The official TA goes out to the coast past the airport. I didn’t see the point in walking a large loop when it’s mostly road waking so went straight from the Auckland Botanical Gardens in Manurewa (home of the Sir John Walker Statue), through Papatoetoe and Mangere, under the Manukau Harbour Bridge to Onehunga.

158. Road walked all day today. From Onehunga, up and over One Tree Hill, through town and finished at the harbour! Now for the Harbour Crossing 😬. Met up with school mates Joe Michael and Nick Ferry, great catch up with those two legends.


Pretty good overall


All good, really nice to have some easy terrain and nice weather to walk in. Makes the going a lot easier.

Tune of the Day:

156. Always on my Mind – Tiki Taane

157. Get Low – Dan Henig

158. Careless Whisper – Seether

Day 156, 157 & 158 Images:




2 thoughts on “3RY – Part 14 – Day 156, 157 & 158

  1. That was the best story!!! Love it when stuff like that happens – and who thought a cafe would be were it all ended? Maybe they liked to finish things where they began, and maybe that’s were they went on their first date?


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