3RY – Part 15- Day 176

3RY Update Part:



17th July ‘19




Marsden to Whangarei Heads – ✅

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Marsden Point Oil Refinery

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Taurikua Bay

Actual KM Today:



Windy and rained off and on


Walked to Taurikura Bay & grabbed a kayak that I had prearranged. Started the journey up the coastline to the narrowest point between Marsden Point and Whangarei Heads. Made it 2/3rds the way across the channel and the outgoing tides and weather started to work up the choppy water something wicked. I was thrown out twice and by that stage the tide was just too strong to work against. So i needed to think of a way I could get the last bit completed to “connect the metres”. I called a contact I had to drop me on the other side so I could use the tide and wind in my favour. I was physically exhausted by this stage so found the going tough. I eventually made it to the point I’d failed at on the first attempt and that was that…last major water crossing all done!

I laughed nervously when the skipper of the boat mentioned he was glad I hadn’t fallen out here (pointing to a spot), as there is a Great White that patrols the seal colony. Unbeknownst to him, that was exactly where I’d fallen out. I know sharks unfairly get a bad wrap and the chances of anything going wrong are slim, but it was a moment I won’t forget.




Happy it’s done…now for more walking

Tune of the Day:

176. Selling the Drama – Live

Day 176 Images:

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