3RY – Part 15 – Day 178

3RY Update Part:



19th July ‘19




Float & Swim

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Taiharuru Walkers Camp

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:


Actual KM Today:



Heavy rain with patches of sun


Early morning start to catch the tides at the right time for the two tidal river crossings. Rained heavily for most of the morn. The trail passed through Pataua, an awesome wee coastal holiday spot. Met a couple that had lived there for 60 years (he was turning 90). They gave me a quick-fire history lesson of the place. Loads of fish in the river – see photo.

After taking the road around the Taiharuru River I walked through marshland to access Horahora River but the only way across was to swim. I used my inflatable sleeping Matt as a raft for my pack which worked really well.

The next crossing was around 500m across the Ngunguru River. I had arranged to have my bag picked up on the southern side (Shout out to Carol! You’re a legend) so I could swim the deeper channels. The moment I started the crossing the skies opened up. Made it safely to Ngunguru…yussssss.


Feeling good


Stoked to have another crossing ticked off

Tune of the Day:

178. Let it Be – The Beatles

Day 178 Images:

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