3RY – Part 16 – Day 184, 185

3RY Update Part:



25th, 26th July ‘19


184, 185


Last Kayak! & Day in Paihia

KM Mark Start:

273, 253

Start Location:

⁃ Sheryl’s Place – Waikare

⁃ Paihia

KM Mark Finish:

253, 253

Finish Location:

Paihia (x2)

Actual KM Today:

⁃ 22

⁃ 0


⁃ Sunny

⁃ Rain


184. Walked to Waikare Inlet where I picked up a Kayak I had prearranged (Thanks AGAIN Carol & Co!). Wicked kayak through the mangroves out past Opua to Paihia via Veronica Channel…I’m in real danger of setting up camp and never moving on up here. People have created their own little place of paradise in some of the small bays up this way.

185. Day off in Paihia planning the next 7 days

Shout out to Paihia’s:

– Alfresco‘s Restaurant & Bar.

– Tipsy Oyster Tapas and Bar.

These guys sorted me out big time! So generous and welcoming.




I am in two minds about this journey coming to an end.

Tune of the Day:

184. In the Neighbourhood – Sisters Underground

185. Pacifier – Shihad

Day 184 & 185 Images:


Day 185.

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