Challenge #3:

Day one of Corona 19 LOCK DOWN!

Seems like a good time to kick off #3 of my 3RY challenges.

2 down – 1 to go.

Challenge 1:

Bluff to Cape Reinga (Every Metre – Including Water Obstacles) – CHECK

Challenge 2:

100 KM Walking in One Day – CHECK

Challenge 3:

+ 1 push up everyday until I can’t do any more (increasing by one each day).
The less outdoorsy type challenge seems appropriate given the C19-LD situation!

Some generous supporters of the 3RY project have already offered sponsorship for the final number of push ups achieved.

Get in touch, PM, or comment below if you’d like to get involved.

Times are tough for many at the mo’ so no worries @ all if monetary support is a no-go!

If you’re not keen to donate, join in with the challenge and see how many push ups you can build up to.

All donations go to the 3 Charities.

@NZ Spinal Trust
@Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
@Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand

I’m thinking I’ll max out at around 80! 😬

For those of you as terrible at maths as I am:

$0.20 per push up = $16.00
$1.00 per push up = $80.00

Get amongst!

– NZ Spinal Trust
– Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
– Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand

Hope everyone is happy, comfy and staying safe out there in these craaaazy times! 🤙🏼

2 thoughts on “Challenge #3:

  1. Eths

    I’m still waiting to see the pics from yr walk so I can purchase ! $$$$ going to your charities of course. I’ll give you 80 bucks


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