3RY – Part 3 – Day 19

3RY Update Part:



10th February ‘19




Wakatipu Work-Around

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:


KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:


Actual KM today:



Sunny and Hot


Today I continue off the official Te Araroa route. As I previously mentioned, my goal is to ‘connect the steps’ and complete the length of country with no breaks en route, all self propelled. The sections that are skipped by the ‘official’ Te Araroa route (and that I need to work-around) can be completed via any self propelled method. Running, kayaking, swimming, cycling, or any way I can, as long as its self propelled.

The regular TA walkers would get a shuttle from Greenstone car park, through Kinloch and Glenorchy and start the trail again in QT.

I had already made it to Glenorchy on foot and had arranged for a bike to be in Glenorchy to get me back on the trail.

I Enjoyed the cycle around lake Wakatipu! Went via the mountain bike park for a blat which was good times. Not the quickest route but still worth it. The total KM’s for the day was 70+. I hadn’t used a bike in over 20 years so my bum did not enjoy the prolonged time on a bike seat. Had to come up with some inventive padding solutions to ease the discomfort. I won’t go into these here! LOL

Some amazing scenery along lake Wakatipu. It’s a great spot. Super busy these days.

Thanks to my good friends Amanda and Brendan for putting me up!


Sore Arse! Shaky legs.


Happy to have that section completed. Looking forward to finally seeing Macetown.

Tune of the Day:

Politician – Kora

Day 19 Images:

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