3RY – Part 3 – Day 20

3RY Update Part:



11th February ‘19




Old Timers, Gold, 2 Two Pies & A Three Shot Coffee

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:


KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Roses Hut – Motatapu

Actual KM today:





Left Arrowtown in style. Two freshly baked pies and triple shot coffee from the Arrowtown Bakery. So good. Reminded me of my go-to school lunch from back in the day if I got hold of any money – “Two pies and a coke please”.

Then to the historical gold mining settlement, Macetown, via Sawpit Gully track and Big Hill. Eventually joining up with the Macetown 4wd track. Some cracker views of lake Hayes and surrounding areas from up on Big Hill.

Loads of wild gooseberries, blackberries and raspberries on the trail. Nibbled while I walked. After Macetown, it was all river walking up the Arrow River passing Rankle Burn and Glade Burn on the way to Roses Saddle @ 1270 m above sea level. Hell of a climb but I enjoyed it.

Lots of old gold miners huts, dry stone (schist) walls, relic mining equipment etc.

I am in awe of how those old-timers managed to do everything they did so well, when they were so far removed from civilisation, in such rugged terrain and extreme conditions. Hats off fellas.

Spotted Lake Wanaka on the horizon as I hit Roses saddle. Nice to see a bulls eye to aim for.

Rained heavily tonight. Tented again. I Learn something every time I put that thing up!




Loving it – Life is a lot better with healthy feet.

Tune of the Day:

Verona – Elemeno P

Day 20 Images:

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