3RY – Part 5 – Day 33

3RY Update Part:



24th February ‘19




Canterbury – Bring it.

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:


KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Pines on Shores of Lake Pukaki before trail goes East to Tekapo

Actual KM today:



Raining in the morn. Then cloud with patches of sun.


Took a while to brave the rain and cold. Had brekky and coffee at café in Twizel.

Followed Alps to Ocean (A2O) trail west of the Pukaki Aerodrome. Mostly tussock and wildling pines until I hit lake Pukaki itself. Stopped for another coffee and a look around the Mount Cook Salmon Info Centre. Clouds prevented a clear view of the mountains, so I was thankful I’d been at the Mount Cook village with a clear day yesterday.

Pushed on down the eastern shores of lake Pukaki, past the pines campsite @ the southern end, picking the odd wild apple from trees down the Trail.

A2O ultimate is on at the mo’ so I saw the competitors arriving to their destination for the night, looking knackered and relieved to be there.

Found a good place to camp about 5 km past Dover Pass lookout. Set up for the night.

The reinforcement steel bar in the image below was deformed by the water flowing out of the Ruataniwha Spillway while the Dam was being constructed.




Positive. Keen to get 2moro done and dusted as it’ll be a relatively big one.

Tune of the Day:

Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal

Day 33 Images:

One thought on “3RY – Part 5 – Day 33

  1. Rogue apple trees … not such a disaster after all Mike! Love the power of water on steel too, I think there’s a life lesson in that somewhere … just haven’ t quite figured it out yet.

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