3RY – Part 5 – Day 34

3RY Update Part:



25th February ‘19




Looooong, flat, straight, hot – Day of Canal Walking.

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Pines on Shores of Lake Pukaki before trail goes East to Tekapo

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:


Actual KM today:



Sunny, snow on ranges


Most opt to cycle this section as it’s a long haul of mostly flat canal side walking. I walked it, and quite welcomed the break from the more arduous backcountry trails.

Hit the road at day break to get some distance under my belt before the weather got too hot. I passed the Pukaki Power Station which marks the beginning of the Tekapo Canals and Salmon Farms.

A few fishermen dotted the banks of the canals trying their luck next to the salmon farms.

Spotted a few Salmon patrolling the edges, one absolute monster.

I keep hearing the weather is supposed to to take a turn for the worse. Not too fazed about the rain, if I get wet, I get wet. As long as I can stay a comfortable temperature I’ll be happy.

Billy Colony said it best:

“I hate all those weathermen that tell you that rain is bad weather. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, so go get yourself a sexy rain coat and live a little”


Good but tired


A little daunted by the upcoming few sections

Tune of the Day:

These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding

Day 34 Images:

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