3RY – Part 6 – Day 44

3RY Update Part:



7th March ‘19




Head Winds and Grumpy Farm Boys

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Coleridge Village

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Harper Campsite

Actual KM today:



Overcast and gale force winds


The feature of today was definitely the wind. It was strong, and slowed me down something wicked. Witnessed a few road/DOC signs and large trees blown over with the force of it. It whipped the finer materials around giving my face and legs a good sand blasting. People passing me in vehicles up until this point have all been Uber friendly, slowing down, giving a smile and a wave and some stopping to ask questions or offer lifts. Today must’ve been a bad day for the local farm boys, they were all pretty dark on it! Even the nationally accepted minimum, a steering wheel finger lift was too much for ‘em 😆

The route went initially through the Hart Arboretum. It continued west of Kaka Hill, then past Lake Georgina, Lake Evelyn, Lake Selfe, Lake Henrietta and eventually to Harper River Camping Area. Just managed to get the tent up before the rain! Yussss.




Positive – fingers crossed the rain doesn’t raise rivers too high for my next section to Arthur’s Pass.

Tune of the Day:

The sound of silence – Disturbed.

Day 44 Images:

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