3RY – Part 6 – Day 45

3RY Update Part:



8th March ‘19




Floating Tents

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Harper River Campsite

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Hamilton Hut (Hamilton Hilton)

Actual KM today:





Last night was craaaazy. By far the worst overnight weather conditions I’ve had on the trail. Gail force winds continued and heavy rain came. The campsite had 6cm of pooling surface water. The tent floor was floating. It felt like a water bed. The three others that were at the campsite had their tents blown over and two slept in the campsite toilet for shelter. When the pegs went into the ground earlier that day it was very hard, after the rain, the ground turned to soft mud and the pegs wouldn’t hold in the winds. I only had one peg come out (I’d placed rocks on them) and was stoked the tent held up and didn’t flood.

I thought the rivers might be in flood after the nights heavy rain, so wasn’t really sure what I’d be in for today. Turned out to be a nice easy walk to Hamilton Hut. Loads of river crossings but nothing too treacherous. Hamilton hut is known as the Hamilton Hilton due to its little luxuries. Running water, nice deck, cast iron wood burner etc. My bed was right beside a window so I was able to stargaze while I drifted off. Tempted to stay another day but have made plans to meet people further north so will push on tomorrow. The geological formations in the images below (grey materials) are known as The Pinnacles. These tall, cone shaped pillars are formed by a more resistant material on top preventing the less resistant material directly underneath the ‘resistant cap’ from being eroded away.





Tune of the Day:

One Love – Bob Marley

Day 45 Images:

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