3RY – Part 6 – Day 46

3RY Update Part:



9th March ‘19




Irresponsible Ruth

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Hamilton Hut (Hamilton Hilton)

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Greyneys Shelter Via Lagoon Saddle A-Frame and Hut, Bealey Hut, Waimakariri River, Klondike Shelter.

Actual KM today:



Sunny with a few clouds


Headed down the Harper River ducking in and out of beech forest and the river itself. These areas are looked after by DOC, so tracks are well marked. I had decided to follow the river rather than the DOC trail through one section and ended up at a dead end with a waterfall. I was able to climb the rocks to one side of the waterfall but couldn’t manage it with my pack on. Rather than back tracking I took each item of my kit up one piece at a time and threw them onto the upper ledge. I was then able to just climb myself up and over to collect my things.

Made good time to Lagoon Saddle where you could see the Waimakariri River and Bealey River Confluence. After that, it was all downhill to Cora Lynn Carpark. The planned route from here was to road walk over the Bridge and around to Greyneys Shelter (near Arthur’s Pass), but Irresponsible Ruth had other plans and suggested I cross the Mighty Waimak. I headed down to see if it was doable and it was very low, so managed it with no dramas. The night was spent in Arthur’s Pass with a group of 5 Juvenile Keas flying around causing havoc with peoples belongings. Man I love these birds, the trail of carnage they leave behind cracks me up. Saw one destroying a surfboard on the roof of a car and another took the volume control off my Lifeproof case…not Kea proof.




Positive. Looking forward to Hanmer Hotpools!

Tune of the Day:

Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Day 46 Images:

One thought on “3RY – Part 6 – Day 46

  1. Perhaps they are your spirit guide Mike? You’ve always had a soft spot for the Kea. As for Irresponsible Ruth … not even close to the madness of Mike scaling the waterfall …numerous times!


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