3RY – Part 11 – Day 118

3RY Update Part:



20th May ‘19




Riverside Creatures

KM Mark Start:


Start Location:

Jerusalem Convent

KM Mark Finish:


Finish Location:

Downes Hut

Actual KM Today:



Sunny with a few clouds


Nipped up for a stealth mission to where James K Baxter had his commune and is buried. Xena, the lady that looks after the convent in Jerusalem kindly dropped all my gear further 200m down the river, so I didn’t need to try and load it at the bottom of the mud bank. Thanks Xena, you made it way easier than it would’ve been!

A nice cruise down the river with loads of riverside wildlife; peacocks everywhere, goats, pigs, pheasants, kingfisher and deer. Nice paddle

to Downs hut via the historic Maori battle location of Moutua Island, Moutere Island and Koriniti Pa with some moderate rapids along the way.


Good, great recovery for the legs.


All good, looking forward to the Tongariro National Park and Crossing.

Tune of the Day:

118. Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

Day 118 Images:

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