3RY – Part 12 – Day 135, 136, 137, 138, 139

3RY Update Part:



6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th June ‘19


135, 136, 137, 138, 139


I’ve included a few days in a row (days 135 – 139) for this one, due to a few technical issues 🤬!

135 – Kākā

136 – 40KM road walk

137 – Where they Make Legends

138 – Te Kuiti Zero 1

139 – Te Kuiti Zero 2

KM Mark Start:

135 – 945

136 – 928

137 – 891

138 – 871

139 – 871

Start Location:

135 – Bog Inn Hut

136 – Ngaherenga Campsite

137 – Mangaokewa Stream Shelter Tent

138 – Te Kuiti

139 – Te Kuiti

KM Mark Finish:

135 – 928

136 – 891

137 – 871

138 – 871

139 – 871

Finish Location:

135 – Ngaherenga Campsite

136 – Mangaokewa Stream Shelter Tent

137 – Te Kuiti – Where they make Legends

138 – Te Kuiti

139 – Te Kuiti

Actual KM Today:

135 – 20

136 – 40

137 – 22

138 – 0

139 – 0


135 – Rain all day

136 – Rain in patches

137 – Rain in patches

138 – Sun! OMG

139 – Rain & overcast


135. Started with blue skies so I made the decision to go up Mount Pureora to get a view of Mount Ruapehu and the region. It was a diversion off the planned route and there are unfortunately no maintained tracks to gain access. Ended up a complete waste of time. By the time I’d made it to the top, the clouds and rain had rolled in. My poncho ripped, my shoes ripped, my phone that I write my updates on decided to dump the last 10 days of work…the list goes, on but I won’t bore you all with it (anymore than I already have 😆). It was forecast to clear today but it’s rained most of the day. Just not a great day all round really but…I’ve finally seen one of the birds I’d been really keen to spot in the wild. As I was walking out of forest a large flock of Kākā were squawking like crazy and darting in and out of the trees. Seemed like a good sign, so I set up camp and watched the Kākā birds going crazy all evening.

136. Left at the crack of dawn this morn. Rained all night so pretty happy to pack up and boost. All road waking today to get me to the next section. Set up camp at a cool location where a local farming family had prepared a shelter, access to spring water, a long drop etc for any passing walkers. Had dinner watching the wild goats and pigs from the shelter.

137. Had a large river section to walk down today. After all if the rain I was forced up onto farmland. Decided to cut across ~3km back towards a road and away from the rising river. Was pretty happy to make it all the way without being hit-up by any land owners. With about a KM to go I had to pass some farm-dog kennels, which usually go nuts when I walk by. They were right beside a house too, so I was sure they were gonna give the game away. For whatever reason they didn’t make a sound…so made it to the road without any issues.

138. Updates and trying to sort out the crappy Apple iPhone.

139. Updates and Prep

Without a doubt the highlight of the last few days has been staying at the Hunts Farm Backpackers in Te Kuiti! An incredible setting and such amazing people, that have created their own slice of paradise (and are happy to share it with others). These guys have some serious good karma heading in their direction I’m sure.


135 – 139 Pretty Good.


Happy with the walking, 100% fed up with the technical BS.

Tune of the Day:

135. Get Low – Dan Henig

136. The Time they are Changing – Bob Dylan

137. Little Black Submarine – The Black Keys

138. Jeremy – Pearl Jam

139. Black Betty – Spiderbait

Day 135-139 Images:

135 –

136 –

137 –

138 –

139 –

3 thoughts on “3RY – Part 12 – Day 135, 136, 137, 138, 139

  1. Gutted for you with the technical issues it feels like its been a bit of a slog. Isla reckons you look like a wolf or maybe a homeless man! Bahahaha!!!! Still loving the stories and I hope you have photos of all the characters you’ve met along the way…I can’t wait to hear their stories!


  2. sue &Jim Duncan

    Great Photos Michael. Had the dog smelt your feet !The dog looks like the one on the tv ad for the Fungal infections of the feet !!! Keep up the good work

    Liked by 1 person

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